Kenneth Okonkwo Dumps Fiancee For Another Lady

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If gist flying about town concerning handsome Nollywood actor, Kenneth Okonkwo is anything to go by, it then means he may have found true love in another lady, who is different from the pretty chic he reportedly proposed to a while ago.

This is because the new catch seems to know how to make Kenneth happier than the dumped lady.

Recall that Kenneth was reportedly engaged to one Mariam Kess Momoh, but as it stands now, Mariam will not have the privilege to be Mrs Okonkwo, as the former Mr Nigeria has found solace in the arms of one Maureen Esisi.

According to what is being discussed within the Nollywood circuit, Kenneth met Maureen some months ago through a mutual friend. One thing led to the other, they started seeing each other and allegedly started providing warmth for each other when the weather was too cold to bear alone.

“Ken is very fond of Maureen,” one of the rumour-millers informed us. “The babe (Maureen) is a London chic, she is a fashion designer and has a store of hers where she sells wears. She surely knows how to keep a man asking for more,” another industry gossip told us.

What some do not know is if Kenneth will take Maureen to the altar. “From what we are observing, Kenneth might want Maureen as his wife, but we doubt if Maureen is thinking in that direction,” one of the tale-bearers said.

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4 Responses to Kenneth Okonkwo Dumps Fiancee For Another Lady

  1. oluchai says:

    pls ken show us ur wife

  2. Anonymous says:

    is unfair to do such thing ken,dis is because is not good to dump,jst consider urself being in her shoes,what will be ur reaction?

  3. Ken that’s not fair at all.

  4. Melly says:

    That not fair that u did if now the chick that u leave ur x for eventually dumps u for another what will u say. Do on too others as u like them do unto u

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