Conji thingz: Actor Benson Okonkwo had an erectiσn while acting a romance scene

When Mimiubini asked fast rising Enugu based actor, Benson Okonkwo the naughtiest thing he has ever done, is answer was quite interesting. He answered, “This question is very tricky. I think I have done some naughty things but the one that comes to my mind right now is what happened on a movie set. It was pretty embarrassing but the naughtiest thing I think I have ever done is to have an erectiσn on set while acting a rσmance scene.

When the go-ahead was given for the scene to be shot, immediately I and the actress I was paired with to act the rσmance scene in the parlour got into character, we started kissing and smσσching. In fact, my trouser was half way down but I was still wearing my shirt while she had removed her top and believe me she was busty so what I saw I presume made me have an erectiσn and suddenly my parents came in and interrupted us hence we had to end our beautiful romance scene.
Somehow, it was not my fault; the actress has big brєasts so I think that was the attraction. Even though I know that it was mere acting, I am human and I have blood flowing in my veins so there are some natural phenomenons that cannot be easily controlled. Are you wondering if the actress noticed my erєction too? Of course, erєction is not what you can easily hide, she did and she just kept laughing, I guess she was surprised. The cast and crew members also laughed and made fun of me and I was a bit embarrassed.
I think that is the naughtiest thing I have ever done caused by something I had no immediate control of since it happened unexpectedly. And really, I never envisaged that I was going to have an erection while acting that romance scene but it just happened.
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2 Responses to Conji thingz: Actor Benson Okonkwo had an erectiσn while acting a romance scene

  1. peter says:

    dont worry its natural..lolz

  2. iluhasa joshua says:

    Its not cool with the errection things but is was not his fult he should only be more professional while acting watch out wizkid ft G.Q latest this year march

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