Video Unleashed – Reality TV Stars Mimi and Niko In Appropriate Video Released

Somto Monanu

Just an 18 year old Blogger, Founder, Accidental Rapper, Bill Gate's Number One fan infact i be Entrepreneur!

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12 Responses

  1. Evelyn says:

    I need to watch the video

  2. bashiIii says:

    Somtoo, why are you so stupid? If you got nothing to post, go to school and read your books, common blogsite, you can’t operate well. Where the download link to watch it? I’ve been keeping you quiet for long but it seems you’re an unrepentant sinner… make I no catch you post rubbish again oh!! or else??

  3. osas says:

    I love the pic but I will love to see her sexy pusy here pls

  4. osas says:

    Can she suck my dick?

  5. obynoeffect says:

    Somtom pls. If u start any blog, try and finish it. I like ur blogs but have noticed that most tyms u keep people on 2much suspence by not showing the real thing especially videos. And am not comfortable with that ur style @all

  6. obynoeff says:

    Hy wht do u wanan do with her pussy. I dont see any need u seein her pusyy when u no go. F*****k. Somtom abi na lie I talk?

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